Analysis Setup

Enter the project name and address in the upper left hand corner of the cash flow analysis sheet. Below this select the analysis scenario from the drop-down list (click the cell to activate the built-in list): "As Is" for existing or proposed projects, "As Complete" assumes all development costs are expended and the project is ready for marketing and sales. "As Complete" analyses are prospective values and may warrant a lower discount rate as the project is then in turn key condition and ready to generate revenue. Next, in the cells to the right, enter the analysis date and select the frequency of cash flows for the analysis from the drop-down list. This is a matter of preference, however, there are a maximum of 10 cash flow periods:
  • Annual = 10 years maximum absorption period
  • Semi-Annual = 5 years maximum absorption period
  • Quarterly = 2.5 years maximum absorption period
  • Monthly = 10 months maximum absorption period